• Human Design, Galactic Signature, Maps, & Apps Activation

    Discover how your Human Design chart and the Galactic Calendar reveal your unique purpose and potential in this comprehensive course!

    You will learn the fundamentals of Human Design, the cosmic cycles of the Galactic Calendar, the geographical influences of the solar eclipses and how all four of these modalities, when put together, reveal a story that connects you to the stars and our mother earth. We will give you the needed steps to best utilize two free apps, the Sincronario 13:20 app and the Neutrino Design app, which will help you navigate your personal and collective journey with ease and clarity. This course will empower you to align with your true self and connect with the larger story that unites us all. Don’t miss this opportunity to activate your Human Design, Galactic Calendar, Maps, and Apps!

    In the meetings we will go over the following:

    1. Introduction to Human Design and your chart
    2. Introduction to Galactic Calendar and your Signature
    3. Integration of this information and steps on how to best use two free apps to see the connection between your holographic template and its correlation to the the harmonic template of the Galactic Calendar and geographical location connected to 3 solar eclipses.

    I will need the following prior to our meeting.

    • DOB
    • Location born
    • Time born (if you don't know, list morning, noon, or night)

    *Link takes you to another portal*

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  • Introduction to your Galactic Signature: Tone, Tribe and Integration

    Thank you for taking action on your journey to self-discovery.

    Knowing your Galactic Signature and how to use it in your daily life will be fundamental for the collective, as we make big shifts in our world to truly innerstand, not only our connection to the stars, but our role within the cosmic dance.

    One thing I will need to pull up your Galactic Signature will be your date of birth. Please send the information at least 10 minutes before we start the 1 on 1.

    *Link takes you to another portal*

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  • Introduction to your Human Design: Type, Profile, & Strategy

    This is a 30 minute 1:1 reading to go over your Human Design.

    We will go over your type, profile, and strategy.

    Type: The interaction of the human species

    Profile: The role came here to play

    Strategy: The energy field to become your authentic self.

    When you sign up send your DOB, Location of Birth, and Time. If you do not know your birth time give an estimate of morning or night.

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Medium Copper Coil Spirals: Orgone Creation Tools | Energy Amplifier | Resin Tools | Orgonite Tools | Items for Orgone

Medium Copper Coil Spirals: Orgone Creation Tools | Energy Amplifier | Resin Tools | Orgonite Tools | Items for Orgone

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Each 14 gauge copper coil is individually cut using Sacred Cubit measurements and is hand-turned to perfection to be ready for use in any orgone device. The medium size is cut to half Sacred Cubit length Sacred Cubit 144mhz frequency. Length size 52.4 cm. • This frequency mainly works on the physical and aspects of life • Helps materialize ideas and attracts abundance • Has a vertical energy field • Works well against pain • Helps with grounding • Elements of Earth and Water • Works on the fourth chakra • Connects beings with the earth • Works well at elimination of unhealthy energy fields • Neutralize WI-FI radiation • Works perfectly against a polluted environment Placing of item: Counter Clockwise - pulls energy to you Clockwise - Directs energy forward (Think of the directions as going forward in time, clockwise, and going back with counter-clockwise)
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