Human Design, Galactic Signature, Maps & Apps Course

Discover how your Human Design chart and the Galactic Calendar reveal your unique purpose and potential in this comprehensive course!

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Find YOU Again

Herald Aho-Now, Owner and Founder of Infinite You, is here to assist YOU in finding YOU again.

Herald has spent the past 11 years experimenting with tangible steps which led him to a higher state of awareness. That awareness created an innerstanding of messages communicating to him through synchronicities in his life. By decoding the synchronicities, he has been led to his true assist humanity as we make a shift in consciousness to a harmonic tone. This tone will put your soul in sync with the collective dream of building Heaven on Earth through a process of dream weaving.

Below is a link to an article published in 2012 about the connection between the lost civilization of the Maya, San Antonio, Austin, the Texas Hill Country and Sedona AZ.

Lost Civilization