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Medicine for the People Spiritual Gathering

Thursday, March 21th at 3:00pm to Sunday, March 24th at 6:00pm

Camp Tahuaya BSA, 2603 Tahuaya Drive Belton TX 76513



Medicine for the People is a group of individual persons coming together for mutual support in the development of spiritual endeavors. Through meditation, visualization, affirmation, chanting, prayer, and Love we gather together to share and explore our human potential through our Divine Nature and connection to Source. In gratitude and joy our mission is to assist each other and all that is to a place of higher understanding, deeper compassion, and reverence to all life. With open hearts and open minds we gather in Unity for the fulfillment of our spiritual covenant with Creator.

We gather to honor All Our Relations with a conscious co-creative gathering based in a ceremony of unified intent as our personal Medicine for the People.

 All are invited to share - or find- our personal medicine. What brings us joy, empowers us to feel connected, unified, and inspired? Whatever lights you up, that is your medicine. We share the tools that support us in our personal journeys and build community through sharing our gifts, talents, and abilities. If you do not know your medicine yet - join us as we share ours. This is a participatory event. There are no spectators.

Activities Include:

Camping (3-4 days Thursday- Sunday), Peace Prayer, Healing Ceremony – Group Collaboration, Men’s Circles, Women’s Circles, Live Music, Healing workshops, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improv – Movement, Drum Circles, Kirtan, Breathwork, Medicine Song Circles, Acro Yoga, Sound Healing, Tantra, Fire and Flow community, Qi Gong, Yoga, Angel Walk, DJs, Kids/Family Activities, Tea Lounge, Authentic Relating Games, Communal Kitchen- Coffee/Chai, Live Music, Pujas, Theme Camps, Art Installations

Find your Tribe, feed your tribe, be your tribe.

Everyone is asked to bring 5lbs of food for the communal kitchen to help feed our community. ( Donations accepted)

Please volunteer a few minutes of your time for the good of the community. It takes a village to feed a village.

MFTP is our family friendly reunion held twice a year for Texas Spiritual Communities to reconnect and meet like souls. The activities are impressive but the real magic is in the people you meet at MFTP. Strangers become friends and friends become family. All paths are honored, Come as you are.